Sartell Sapphire Rules and Policies

Attendance and Participation
1. Sartell Sapphires is open to Sartell area residents who pay taxes to the Sartell-St. Stephen school district.
2. Gymnasts whose accounts are not up to date will not be allowed to participate in practices, performances or competitions.
3. Attendance will be taken regularly.
4. Gymnasts are expected to be at practice on time. The warm-up/stretching period is critical to their safety.
5. Schedules will be provided monthly and will be available through e-mail. Schedules will also be updated and posted on the Sapphire web site.
6. Most correspondence with families will be done through e-mail. It will be the responsibility of each family to inform the coaches if you do not have e-mail access or if your e-mail is not working.
7.   No crossover practices are allowed. Sapphire gymnasts are not allowed to practice with another Sapphire team.
1. A non-refundable annual registration fee is due in May each year for all incoming and current members of the program. This fee covers insurance for one year.
2. All tuition is due on a monthly basis.
3. Tuition is based on a 3 month average during the school year and summer.
4.   Delinquent accounts may be assessed late fees. All accounts must be kept up to date in order for gymnasts to participate in practices and competitions.
5. Mailboxes will be provided for each Sapphire family to receive gym information and correspondence. Each gymnast or family member is responsible for checking their own mailbox on a regular basis.
6. A written notice is required if a gymnast discontinues Sapphires. If two weeks notice is not given, then two weeks tuition will be charged until notice is received.
7. If a gymnast chooses to "take a break" from Sapphires, she will be considered terminated unless tuition is paid through the entire break. If the gymnast wishes to return to the Sapphire program, she will be re-evaluated for skill level and placed appropriately based on space availability in the program. Medical conditions (see below for more info) and family vacation are exceptions to this policy as long as coaches are informed and required tuition is paid.
8. Updated medical information must be presented to coaches on a regular basis.
9. Parents/Guardians are required to complete an emergency form and provide proof of insurance when registering.
10. Each individual member will be required to purchase a team uniform. Gymnasts who are competing will have a separate uniform expense.
11. Gymnast participating in competitions will be expected to pay competition fees in excess of regular tuition costs. A competition budget will be provided for each competition season.
12.   No cash or checks may be brought to the gym for open gym or tuition. All financial transactions must be made via mail or online.
1. A gymnast who is injured is required to pay a minimum of 50% tuition until the gymnast is able to participate again. In order to receive 50% tuition, a doctor’s note is required and a coach needs to be notified within 24 hours of the injury. The gymnast will have to pay full tuition when she returns to practice on at least one piece of equipment. Example: sprained ankle = should not tumble but can do bars.
2. It is recommended, subject to parent(s) discretion, all injured gymnasts still attend practice to maintain strength, flexibility and team involvement.
3. If an injury requires a doctors visit, the gymnast must present coaches with a return to practice form from the attending doctor. This includes same day visits.
Dress Code
1.   Sapphire gymnasts are required to wear a leotard to all practices with either bike shorts on top or gymnastics briefs underneath.
2.   Hair must be pulled back and up away from face. Please use clips if needed and also pull all hair into holders. Please do not leave hair half down.
Competition Policies
1.   If a gymnasts skill level is ready for the competition team, she may choose not to compete for that season, but may still practice with that team. Competition is a choice when it has been offered.
2.   As a general rule, competitive gymnasts should attend at least 75% of all practices during the competitive season (November- March).
3.   Competitive gymnasts are expected to attend all but one competition during the competitive season. Preferably, gymnasts will attend all meets and performances. It is essential for gymnasts to be involved and attend all competitions as one of our primary goals is learning the value of teamwork.
4.   Competitive gymnasts are expected to be at all practices prior to meets.
5.   Only coaches and competitive gymnasts are allowed on the competition floor.
6.   Competitive gymnasts and families will receive detailed competition information prior to each scheduled meet.
7.   Gymnasts and families are expected to follow the rules of etiquette provided for competition.
Team Alignment/Tryouts
1.   Tryouts are usually held in the spring and may also be held in the fall based on coaches discretion. Openings will be filled based on ability level and space availability within the program. People may place their names on a waiting list.
2.   Current Sapphire teams may be realigned in the spring and fall. Placement of gymnasts on which team will determined and set by October 1st of each year. Per MAGA policy, coaches reserve the right to make changes to any team at their discretion up until January 1st or the first meet of the season.
3.   Sapphire gymnasts may continue in the program through the 9th grade. Upon completion of the 8th grade, gymnasts will transfer over to the Sartell JV/Varsity program if required skills are met. Gymnasts may also choose to enter the high school program in 7th grade if they meet the skill criteria set up by the high school coaches. Gymnasts who meet the Sartell resident requirements, but who attend another school district that does not provide a high school gymnastics opportunity, may continue in the Sapphire program through their high school senior year.
4.   Gymnasts who are transitioning to the high school program must make a decision before June 1st so that their position can be filled by someone else who will be eligible for that placement.
5.   High school seniors planning on attending post secondary education are eligible to apply for MAGA scholarships.